“Dr. Jamine Blesoff helped me out at a time when my health was suffering tremendously, and I was not sure who else to turn to for help getting back to a balanced, healthy place in my body. She approaches one’s health in a very holistic, natural, organic way. Dr. Blesoff not only succeeded in helping me get rid of the issues I was having at the time, but she taught me alternative
methods and solutions for keeping myself stronger and healthier in the future. And guess what? It’s still working. Without a doubt Dr. Blesoff is someone you should have in your healthcare toolbox!”

“Dr. Blesoff is patient, kind, warm, down to earth, real and so great to work with! She took the time to really listen to all I had to say, and honored my wishes about my health. She gave me a lot of creative and totally doable things to add into my life to increase my overall well being. She was gentle and caring, and she took the time to teach me more about my body. I loved working with her. She is also giving me a report of what we talked about for my records. I can’t recommend her enough!”

“Another thank you for changing my lifestyle and particularly my diet. I recently had a colonoscopy and my colitis is now in remission.”

“I’ve been taking my son to see Dr. Blesoff since he was 6 months old. She is an incredible resource of pediatric knowledge. I see her in addition to our conventional pediatrician. She has helped me with solid food introduction strategies, helping ease teething pain without medications, and guidance on vaccines. I am so happy with the results I’ve seen in my son, especially in regards to teething. I didn’t want to rely on Tylenol or Motrin and she gave me many options to try. Thankfully, they worked, and he’s sleeping! I highly recommend Dr. Blesoff for pediatric care.”